Late 2015 we took the first step in improving and further standardising our GBMU4D hinges. The claw nut was made smaller to obtain 1 universal claw nut size for both the GBMU4D16 and GBMU4D20 hinge.

Now the second phase has started, a new smaller KLAUW will fit both hinges. The new size ensures a more precise & aesthetic welding connection to 40 mm gate profiles. *Only the 4D-fix with the revised nut (revised in phase 1) will fit this new KLAUW. The older version is not compatible.

The final phase will take place in December when we introduce our new GRIP16 and GRIP20 designs. Both are revised to better match and to provide a perfect fit for the new KLAUW.

Benefits after the running changes::

  - A more precise and secure welding connection
  - Further standardisation of Locinox products