Once again, Locinox pushes the boundaries of the gate closers industry by launching its latest 180° hydraulic self-locking hinge: the Tiger. 

Some years ago, Locinox launched the Mammoth: a 180° hydraulic self-locking hinge for gates up to 150 kg and 1,5 m wide. The ease of instalment of this product – drill 8 holes and secure with Quick-Fix – has become legendary, and its sale continues to increase. 

Locinox’s hydraulic self-locking hinges offer many advantages to all market players. The installer doesn’t need to worry any longer about the standard distances between hinge and gate closer. The manufacturer can include a self-locking gate in his product range, so the installer no longer has to pass a separate order for a gate closer. The distributor can easily recommend this solution without any installation support being required. 

The Tiger can be mounted on gates up to 75 kg and 1.1 m wide, and is now available.