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We think you will agree with us - Locinox is all about engineering smart solutions to obtain better fences for your clients. Every year we launch more than 15 new products. Most are developed from scratch, but some are optimized developments on existing products. We are thus happy, excited and proud to announce the VTC-2 – the updated version of the well-known Verticlose-STD and Verticlose-RAIL gate closer. Both are high runners and we are convinced the VTC-2 will even be better.

We think you will agree with us - Locinox is all about engineering smart solutions to obtain better fences for your clients. Every year we launch more than 15 new products. Most are developed from scratch, but some are optimized developments on existing products. We are thus happy, excited and proud to announce the VTC-2 – the updated version of the well-known Verticlose-STD and Verticlose-RAIL gate closer. Both are high runners and we are convinced the VTC-2 will even be better.


But how much better is it?

  • A faster and easier assembly, thanks to the integrated pretension
  • No more choosing – the 90°, 180° and wall situations are all included in one package.
  • A better position of the VTC-2 in relation to gate and post allowing more installation possibilities
  • For heavy gates : up till 150cm wide and 150kg
  • Go for an even faster assembly, thanks to the optional drilling jig (coming soon)
  • A more compact design, assuring a discreet yet elegant look
  • Micro-adjusting speed and final snap in a continuous way

And the best of it all – the price is exactly the same. More value for your money!

When, how, what?

This is a ‘running change’, the new VTC 2 will be launched when stock of VTC STD and Rail goes under a minimum. As of this date, no more Verticlose-STD and Verticlose-RAIL gate closers will be delivered. After-sales service to the Verticlose-STD and Verticlose-RAIL gate closers will keep on going for a while. The exact date will be communicated later.

What about the drill pattern?

The VTC-2 uses another drill pattern as the Verticlose-STD and Verticlose-RAIL. This is important for you to know if you or your clients prepare the posts and gates in advance. As usual, you can expect all the necessary drill templates from us. And if you want an even faster installation, use the drilling jig (coming soon).

What if I want to replace my Verticlose-STD or Verticlose-RAIL by the new VTC-2?

This is perfectly possible. We will inform you extensively soon with a thorough manual for retrofitting the new VTC on the existing hole pattern. There will be a special installation video as well.

We understand you have a lot of questions. We strongly recommend you to get in touch with us if you would like more support or input on the VTC-2. In the meantime, we are working hard to complete all the documentation about VTC-2 (manual, installation video, comparison sheet, drill pattern, technical drawings …). As soon as we have more information to share with you, you will hear from us. Don’t forget to keep an eye to our website for the latest information.

We cannot give exact dates yet but we thought it to be important that you were informed well in advance. 

Friday, 1 June 2018 13:47:00 Europe/London By The Fence Shop UK Product News

With the SlimStone keypad, Locinox is taking its first steps in the outdoor electronic access control industry. As one of the trendsetting players in the fencing business, the strategy to develop a high quality keypad is actually a very logical one, as explained by Lieven Pieters, Sales & Marketing Director at Locinox.


“With the SlimStone keypad, Locinox emphasizes more than ever to be a supplier of total concepts for the gate and fencing industry. This way, we offer a total solution to the manufacturers and installers : Locinox becomes the one-stop-shop for required accessories which are necessary to operate a gate.”

“A few months ago we launched the Modulec-SA Kit. This kit consists of the premium surface mounted electric Modulec keep, the SlimStone keypad and the power supply. This way, the installer orders very quickly everything he needs to turn a regular gate in an extra safe environment where intruders are kept out.” explains Lieven Pieters.


Quality is one of the most important focus points from Locinox. Lieven Pieters : “We are renowned for our high quality and good looking products. With the SlimStone keypad, this is no different. I think it’s vital our installers have a worry-free installation and our end clients can fully rely on its many functionalities. Even after many years of use. That’s why we put quality and ease of installation in the first place during the development process. In the end, we are all winners. Not only the client will be happy but we as Locinox hardly get any complaints or callbacks. That gives peace of mind to anyone.”

“When we say SlimStone is weatherproof, we really mean it. Thanks to the 100% resin encapsulated housing, water nor dust can ever harm its functioning. SlimStone is perfectly weatherproof, whatever the circumstances! We actually exceed by far the IP68 rating since we have entirely submerged the SlimStone for a period of 70 days, and it is still working flawlessly. Did you know the integrated Smart Heating System allows a frost-free use, which is excellent for the arctic regions where temperatures drop well below zero?”

“We are not launching an innovation without having it fully tested. In SlimStone’s case, this resulted in a few remarkable tests. We tested the buttons on more than 2 million pushes by emphasizing its durability. For example : if you use the SlimStone 4 times a day, your SlimStone keypad will be your closest ally during 342 years. Even if you use it 20 times a day, you are enjoying a perfect use for 68 years.” continues Lieven Pieters.


“The installer is able to install and configure the SlimStone keypad very easily. That’s why we developed highly detailed step-by-step installation and configuration videos which guarantee a swift and perfect installation. This is in line with our philosophy to be by our clients side all along the way. Also thanks to the Quick-Fix system, the SlimStone keypad is attached very tight to the gate post.”


In the first place, the SlimStone keypad has to work correctly but has to look good as well. Lieven Pieters : “The SlimStone is made of a powder coated aluminium housing with a brushed stainless steel keypad and push buttons which have been lasered. Even after years of use, these buttons won’t show any wear and tear, providing extra security and comfort. The textured lacquer is scratch proof, even after many years of use. We claim this since the SlimStone keypad has endured a 1.000h salt spray test. Since the housing itself is vandal-proof as well, you are sure no one unwanted will be able to enter.”

The adjustable integrated white LED-lights allow a safe and efficient operation during the night or in case of bad weather. And as a nice extra, the energy use is kept very low – which is a plus on the energy bill.


The SlimStone is the first yet highly convincing step by Locinox in the outdoor access control industry. But there is more to come. Lieven Pieters : “Right now, we are developing a keypad with Bluetooth technology allowing automatic access thanks to your smartphone. And we are looking even further than that, a keypad connected to the internet is in development as well.”

Friday, 30 March 2018 14:26:00 Europe/London By The Fence Shop UK Product News
Once again, Locinox pushes the boundaries of the gate closers industry by launching its latest 180° hydraulic self-locking hinge: the Tiger. 

Some years ago, Locinox launched the Mammoth: a 180° hydraulic self-locking hinge for gates up to 150 kg and 1,5 m wide. The ease of instalment of this product – drill 8 holes and secure with Quick-Fix – has become legendary, and its sale continues to increase. 

Locinox’s hydraulic self-locking hinges offer many advantages to all market players. The installer doesn’t need to worry any longer about the standard distances between hinge and gate closer. The manufacturer can include a self-locking gate in his product range, so the installer no longer has to pass a separate order for a gate closer. The distributor can easily recommend this solution without any installation support being required. 

The Tiger can be mounted on gates up to 75 kg and 1.1 m wide, and is now available.
Friday, 9 June 2017 20:36:13 Europe/London By The Fence Shop UK Product News

Puma: the aesthetic hinge for residential gates

In 2017 Locinox keeps on innovating by launching new products. We are proud to present the first one: Puma, the perfect aesthetic hinge for residential gates. This 180° hinge can easily be installed thanks to the Quick-Fix fasteners. No welding required! 

The Puma hinge supports gates up to 1 m wide and with a maximum weight of 60 kg, without loss of convenience.

Thanks to the aesthetic design and the powder-coated aluminium housing, the hinge can be combined with the latest gate concepts.

The PUMA hinge is in stock and available for next day delivery right now.

Go to product >> PUMA

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 07:40:21 Europe/London By The Fence Shop UK Product News

Running change: 4D hinges ( 3rd phase)

All items in our Locinox GBMU product range are fully interchangeable. From this perspective, and in order to obtain a more precise and secure weld between the hinge claw and gate profile, we decided to improve our 4D hinges.

In 2015 we launched the Locinox phase 1 change with a universal claw nut 4D-FIX for the GBMU4D16 and GMBU4D20 hinges. Phase 2 came with a new and smaller claw.

And now we have reached the final phase. We introduce the updated GRIP 20-ALUM which fits the universal claw even better. The other colours are to follow in the upcoming months.



These innovations are full of benefits:

  • A more precise and secure welding connection
  • Further standardization of our product range

GRIP 16 will be launched in March.

Friday, 20 January 2017 13:25:50 Europe/London By The Fence Shop UK Product News

Locinox is a company that is constantly on the move. Each year they launch numerous innovations in a never-ending search for new and improved products. 

A recent product update of the eyebolt 1004SET-M20 and the crossbolt 1003SET-M18 increases the protection against burglary or vandalism. 

Combined, these parts form the hot-dip galvanized eyebolt-set 1034HDGA-M20

Both products are provided with an extra security making them burglar proof. It is no longer possible to unscrew the hinges to disassemble the gate. Only when the gate is opened, the bolts can be unscrewed. 

For more information, drawings and dimensions you can check out the product page linked above.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 15:09:53 Europe/London By The Fence Shop UK Product News

Our magnetic locks: now also available in RAL 6005

Our magnetic locks, especially designed for exterior use are virtually indestructible.

A careful choice of stainless steel raw materials, a thought out design and a lack of moving or components, guarantee years of maintenance free outdoor use.

Driven by an increased demand for easy to integrate access control solutions, such as electromagnetic locks and by our desire to offer the most complete range, our MAG2500 and MAGMAG2500 locks are now also available in RAL 6005. Both can easily be ordered directly here on our website.

The advantages

  • 500h salt spray resistant! SGS certified.
  • ISO 9227 tested
  • Special two-layer protective coating developed for outdoor use
Monday, 21 November 2016 14:03:12 Europe/London By The Fence Shop UK Product News

Our new Keeps

An in-depth explanation

In the first weeks of 2016, we were excited to announce our new SAKL and SHKL keep (pictured). To answer some remaining questions and to keep you as a client informed, we are giving some more details about the made changes and the associated advantages.


Materials and surface treatments which are up to years of outdoor use, are a basic requirement. This is why we only use stainless steel and non-ferro metals as raw materials for our products. The SAKL and SHKL keep are now both stainless steel keeps with a polyamide finish.


Next to a pleasing aesthetic appeal, excellent temperature resistance and durability, the material change offers more advantages than meets the eye. We summarized them below!

Thursday, 22 September 2016 14:00:00 Europe/London By The Fence Shop UK Product News

Running change: SHKM Keep

For a better aesthetic alignment with the Locinox range of insert locks, we have redrawn our SHKM keep. The keep grew in size and the drilling holes for installation with Quick-Fix are now 230 mm (center distance) apart instead of the known 180 mm.



  • Adjustable for (square) profiles: 40 - 60 mm
  • Innovative mounting with Quick-Fix
  • Anchoring plate for hook
  • Stopplate is available in different RAL-colours
  • Easy left or right changing


Product Manual update: CLICK

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 13:32:12 Europe/London By The Fence Shop UK Product News

Late 2015 we took the first step in improving and further standardising our GBMU4D hinges. The claw nut was made smaller to obtain 1 universal claw nut size for both the GBMU4D16 and GBMU4D20 hinge.

Now the second phase has started, a new smaller KLAUW will fit both hinges. The new size ensures a more precise & aesthetic welding connection to 40 mm gate profiles. *Only the 4D-fix with the revised nut (revised in phase 1) will fit this new KLAUW. The older version is not compatible.

The final phase will take place in December when we introduce our new GRIP16 and GRIP20 designs. Both are revised to better match and to provide a perfect fit for the new KLAUW.

Benefits after the running changes::

  - A more precise and secure welding connection
  - Further standardisation of Locinox products


Friday, 17 June 2016 13:23:34 Europe/London By The Fence Shop UK locinox, product, update, Product News
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